(元記事: everets (fu-coから))

"I remember letting go of the rope just as Double-D yelled out, ‘Don’t let go!’ And other people were shouting, ‘Don’t go! Don’t go!’ I remember seeing the magnitude of the wall as it stood up, a double wall, and then putting myself in position…and then time just stood still. Then it was like I had an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other as I thought about what I should do next, and they were saying, ‘Jump off! Stay on! Jump off! Stay on!’ Eventually the angel won and I stayed on, and that’s the only way I made it. Then everything disappeared and I couldn’t see anything until I was spit out in a giant cloud of mist. I don’t know, a lot of my memory is fed not just by the experience but by all the photos and films I’ve seen of it." - Laird Hamilton

(元記事: fallsonamemory (alianarchyから))